Handbuch Transformationsforschung

Springer has published a Handbook of transformation research (in German). This is a remarkable interdisciplinary collection that covers research on economic, political, social, legal, and you name it aspects of transformations in a uniquely holistic way. It was definitely worth the wait. Delighted to find myself in a group of a number of eminent scholars that shaped their respective fields.
Our contribution on economic methods can be found here (in German). The English version is available at SSRN.

The politics of flexibility: Employment practices in automotive multinationals in Central and Eastern Europe

The article in European Journal of Industrial Relations that presents results of a research project on flexibility policies in East European car makers is now available as online first. An earlier version is available for free at SSRN.


Transition Economies after 2008: Responses to the crisis in Russia and Eastern Europe

The special issue of Europe-Asia studies on the responses to the crisis after 2008 was published by Routledge in early 2014 as an edited volume Transition Economies after 2008: Responses to the crisis in Russia and Eastern Europe.
The varieties of capitalism argument from our book Transition Economies has been often picked up by people. The book project New Directions in Critical Comparative Capitalisms Research, edited by Matthias Ebenau, Ian Bruff & Christian May (London: Palgrave Macmillan; 2015), gave us an opportunity to systematize and revise the argument on varieties of capitalism in transition economies. Our chapter can be downloaded here.

A revised version of Transition Economies in Czech

Czech translation of the revised version of Transition Economies has been published by Academia, the Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.